The Hidden Costs Digital Signage Vendors Aren’t Advertising

Taking the plunge into digital signage is an exciting venture for any on-site business eager to enjoy its many benefits.

But with hundreds of companies to pick from and so many factors to consider, it can be a daunting task, as choosing the wrong solution will cost you dearly in the long run.  

To make things worse, many companies do their best to hide additional fees and expensive disadvantages customers can face. 

This makes it difficult for business owners to determine how much of an expense their product or service would really be. 

To help you make the most informed decision possible, we’ve unpacked the true costs of three aspects commonly found in digital signage solutions today.

Hidden Cost #1: The Cloud

Cloud solutions store your media and files on the servers of a third-party company. 

The benefit being the convenience of updating your displays from any computer with access to an internet connection. 

This type of solution is ideal for large companies which manage a large number of digital signs scattered throughout various locations.

For small businesses using only a few screens, however, the cost for this convenience often doesn’t justify the expense.

For example, some cloud-based signage companies charge as much as 288€ per year, per screen

Now, let’s imagine you own a kebab shop. 

To harness the powerful benefits of digital signage, you invest in three digital displays to stream your content.

One digital menu board facing the street to engage foot traffic, and two screens above the counter. One displaying the menu and the other featuring a promotion.

If you were to use a cloud-based signage solution, displaying your content across the three screens would cost you 864€ per year. And that excludes the yearly internet bill and initial hardware costs you’ll need to pay as well. 

Now, if you compare that to a locally hosted solution using PC-based software, you can save thousands in the long term.

Take our software, Easy Multi Display for example. Using to our earlier scenario, a license will only be a once-off investment and will allow you to stream media across 24 screens. 

Over the course of let’s say, five years, choosing the local solution would save you almost 4,000€!

Sure you won’t be able to change his display content from home, but do you really need that feature? It will only take a few clicks on the office computer to swap the media and you would be completely eliminating a costly overhead––for essentially the same results.

Hidden Cost #2: Additional Hardware Requirements

Another expense vendors can throw at you is the need to purchase complicated and often very costly additional hardware to stream your media. 

This hardware, or “media players”, are physical devices that attach to your displays and can set you back up to 1,000€.

Not only does this further increase the project start-up costs, but it bloats your maintenance costs as well. All hardware require maintenance and will eventually malfunction. How often they need replacing will depend on how well they are cared for and the quality of the hardware. 

Unless you plan to run a large network of screens (25+), investing in an expensive media player just isn’t necessary. 

Using display software on your work laptop or desktop to stream media on a local network is more than sufficient.

You already operate other––more essential––equipment to run your business, and they also have maintenance costs. So why add another piece of hardware to the list of expenses, when it’s just not necessary?

Save yourself the headache and additional overhead, and simply use PC-based display software to stream content directly from your existing work computer.

Hidden Cost #3: Requiring an Internet Connection 

To further bloat your expenses and dependencies, some digital signage solutions (such as cloud-based ones) require a reliable internet connection to stream content to your displays. 

This poses an issue for businesses in parts of the country or particular locations suffering from bad connectivity.

Businesses suffering from slow internet speeds and frequent drop-outs make solutions which rely on broadband almost unfeasible and result in a massive waste of time. 

Not to mention the additional costs involved from the internet connection itself, both upfront and ongoing. 

Cable.com’s study says that in 2018 Brits spent on average £30.30 on broadband each month. 

That’s £363.60 per year in additional costs, not including any excess data fees which might incur from the large media files transmitted to your screens.

Final Thoughts…

The right solution depends on what you need. 

And for most small businesses, digital signage solutions don’t need to be complicated.

If all you need is a simple way to display content, then the expensive media players and cloud-based conveniences just might not be necessary.

A lot of the time, companies will advertise a host of features which sound great, but in reality, their benefits will make a minor impact on your business. 

So when considering your digital signage solution, look out for these three aspects mentioned in this blog and ask yourself: 

Are they really worth the extra costs and headaches?

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No additional hardware or internet connection required. 

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Reduce Your Clinic’s Perceived Wait Times Using These 6 Engaging Digital Signage Content Ideas

Everybody hates sitting in waiting rooms, they’re uncomfortable and awkward. 

Fortunately, when used correctly, digital signs offer a fantastic way to improve the waiting experience. 

By showcasing tailored content, they have shown to reduce perceived wait times by up to 33 per cent

But what type of content should be displayed?

In this blog, we’ll share six content ideas you can use to enrich and engage your client as they wait to hear their name.

Updates on operational changes and news

Every possible channel of communication should be utilised to ensure that patients are best informed.

The better you can inform your patrons of any changes to your operations, the more misunderstandings you can avoid in the future.

Using a digital display in the waiting room is an effective channel to update clients.

For example, use the display to share info such as:

  • Changes to your opening hours
  • Where to find your clinic online or on social media platforms
  • Your opening hours during upcoming public holidays
  • Instructions on how clients can make appointments online
  • Answers to FAQs

Promote your services and products

If you have other services and products on offer, using your waiting room digital display is a great way to advertise them.

Chances are, patients have chosen your clinic to seek just one of your services and aren’t aware of other problems you can solve.

Why not include an ad for your other services and products in your display’s media rotation?

Even better, add a special offer or bonus at the end of the ad and watch bookings will skyrocket. 

Promote referral programs and other businesses

Use the digital display as an additional form of revenue or a way to promote your existing campaigns. 

Advertising your existing referral program in your waiting room will help to remind clients to publicise your clinic to their network. 

You can also use the display to sell as advertising space for other businesses. 

The beauty of digital signage software is that you have the power to ensure you have a healthy balanced rotation of content. This will help to reduce the chance of irritating your clients. 

Just make sure the businesses you are promoting are relevant to your target audience to so that your clients are engaged. 

Reinforce your brand’s uniqueness and share your story

Strong branding is critical to running a remarkable business. Yes, that applies to healthcare clinics as well. 

Most people see healthcare providers as just plain, generic practices. 

No personality, no story, and no uniqueness.

When a new family moves into the area and asks around for services like yours, how are people going to remember your clinic and explain why your practice is different from the rest?

Investing in ways of reinforcing your brand will help secure a position in people’s minds and give you an advantage over your competition. 

The waiting room is the perfect place to showcase your brand content, allowing patients to learn more about your clinic’s story, mission and values. 

Provide tailored entertainment

Digital displays give you the ability to tailor entertainment media to the interests of your target audience. 

Simply playing the radio or television is lazy and will do little to engage and entertain the guests in your waiting room. 

Priming your clients with upbeat, relaxing content before their appointment will improve their mood and affect the quality of your session.

Types of entertainment you can provide include:

  • Sharing interesting tidbits of useful, positive information
  • Investing in a commercial entertainment service for high-quality video content 

Provide Info Related to Current Events such as PSA or trending topics

Providing content relevant to the current times and events is a powerful way to engage your clients.

According to Forbes contributor Robert Passikoff, “Consumers will crave more and expect more customized and personalized products, services and experiences.”

Whether it’s news about emergency weather conditions, traffic conditions or upcoming community events, your digital display can serve as an excellent source of useful and important information your clients will appreciate.

Even better, showcasing content which connects your practice or industry with current events can be even more meaningful. 


Digital screens give you the power to transform your boring and dreaded waiting lobby into a powerful means of providing value to your clients. 

Showcasing tailored media gives clients something interesting to focus on instead of the discomfort and anxiety they may feel as they wait.

If you want to provide a remarkable experience for your clients, investing in digital signage should be one of your top priorities. 

Sources: Digital Signage Today

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The Top 12 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards: Explained

Image: Digital Signage Today Infographic

Digital menu boards are becoming a growing trend in the restaurant community––especially for quick service and fast-casual food operators. 

They offer massive, game-changing benefits and are getting more affordable every year. 

In April 2012, a survey asked restaurants using digital menu boards to rank 12 benefits they experienced after installing their displays.

Here are the rankings:

1. Centralized control of menu board content 67.9%

It’s not surprising that this benefit came in at number 1. 

With powerful and user-friendly signage software, restaurant owners can swap the displayed media on one or multiple displays with just a few clicks. 

The amount of time saved from is huge––especially when compounded over weeks, months and years.

Think about all the time spent printing, posting and replacing menus every time there’s a change. 

Switching to digital menus means owners have more time to spend on customer service and growing their business. 

2. Better pricing flexibility 49.1%

Pricing menu items appropriately is critical to restaurant success.

To maximize profits, a strategy for pricing is necessary along with an effective testing method.

Digital menu boards allow owners the flexibility of testing different prices quickly and easily.

It eliminates the risk of paying for expensive, high quality printed menus with pricing that ends up with their target audience being put off.

Going digital means restaurant operators can discover the sweet spot of their pricing sooner and cheaper.

3. Lower costs to make menu changes 49.1%

Mistakes happen all the time. 

No matter how many times one goes over the menu details with a fine-tooth comb, something is bound to fly under the radar.

Building on the previous point, making menu changes is quicker and easier with digital menu boards.

For example; to fix a spelling error, owners can just upload the updated graphic into their signage software.

No more expensive printing jobs or settling with imperfections. 

4. Increased customer satisfaction 47.2%

Going digital means you have more ways of depicting the menu item to your customers. 

Rather than customers forming an idea of the food from text descriptions, digital menu boards can simply display the item with high-quality videos or images.

That way, customers know exactly what they’re getting before they make the order. 

5. Increased sales of promotional items 37.7%

Bright, vibrant digital displays simply capture more attention than printed signs. 

This gives owners a powerful way to advertise promotions or special offers.

With the use of video or animations, customer’s can’t help but give that ad a quick glance, it’s wired in our DNA to notice movement.

Featured the promotion on the most prominent by the till LED screen will undoubtedly increase sales. 

6. Improved operational efficiency 37.7%

As mentioned earlier, the speed at which owners can adapt their screens to any change in their business is greatly improved with digital menu boards. 

Here are a few examples of time-sensitive events that can be quickly communicated with digital menus:

  • Menu item out of stock
  • Time-specific offers and promotions
  • Any critical announcement (operating hours during public holidays, equipment out of order)

7. Better compliance with labelling laws 22.6%

Food laws can change from year to year.

Digital menu boards allow restaurants to easily comply with new locally enforced labelling laws.

For example, in the US, restaurants with 20 or more facilities must show the calorie count for each food item on the menu. 

With digital signage, owners can simply update their menu board graphics and upload them to their software.

This eliminates the cost of reprinting all the menus and the time spent physically replacing them. 

8. Higher check averages 20.8%

Digital menu boards can communicate more than printed menus using the same amount of space.

They command more attention, both initially to capture attention and maintaining it. Competition for attention is rife in this digital age, and restaurant owners need every advantage they can to improve the chances of communicating the value of their menu. 

Digital menu boards extend the precious time to transfer profit-boosting info such as:

  • Menu modifiers (protein choices, sizing and flavours) 
  • Cross-selling opportunities such as complimentary beverages
  • Upselling opportunities like special promos and add-ons. 

9. Increased sales of high margin items 18.9%

The higher the cost of a menu item, the more value needs to be communicated before customers are willing to pay.

With digital menu boards, owners can use videos or high-quality images of their higher-end, premium products to entice customers.

A slow-motion video of a pricy pizza dish being prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked to glorious, cheesy perfection will sell a thousand times more than just text on the menu. 

10. Improved order accuracy 17.0%

As mentioned in the previous point about customer satisfaction, menu items visually displayed means customers know exactly what they’re ordering. 

This means there are fewer mistakes when orders are sent to the kitchen, reducing the cost of time and money when recooking incorrect orders. 

11. Increased foot traffic 15.1%

Restaurants can attract customers’ attention before they even set foot in the store. 

By installing window-facing screens with high brightness levels, consumers can see the menu and its delicious offerings, even in direct sunlight. 

Stunning 4k resolution displays can be used to show off best-selling menu items with incredible detail and amplify the appetites of pedestrians. 

12. Higher margin per transaction 9.4%

As mentioned in benefit number eight, digital menu boards allow opportunities to communicate value. 

This is shown to be true, even for individual transactions, demonstrating the revenue-boosting power of digitized menus. 

Final thoughts

The truth is, any restaurant owner who still hasn’t made the switch to digital menus are at risk of falling behind their competition. 

Every day, more and more businesses are adopting the technology and are reaping the many benefits.

With affordable digital display software now available, virtually any small restaurant can join the trend and benefit from the remaining sense of originality they bring.

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6 Ways You Can Use Digital Displays To Grow Your Cafe Or Restaurant

Looking to grow your cafe or restaurant business?

Digital signage has become more accessible with the drop in LED screen prices and affordable display software.

Now, any small business owner can reap the many benefits digital signage can offer. 

In this blog, we’re going to outline six ways digital displays can help your cafe or restaurant.

Entice Customers with appetizing imagery 

A picture tells a thousand words and when it comes to food, nothing gets an appetite going more than a high-quality image or video of your tasty menu items. 

Sure, you could showcase your food or beverages on a large poster, but that’s never going to be as effective as being displayed on a vibrant, eye-catching LED screen.

While it may take longer to produce, showcasing video content of your food is by far the most powerful way to utilize digital signs. 

And if you don’t have the time? 

Play a slideshow of high-quality photos which show off either your best seller or multiple menu items. 

Highlight special offers

Are you pushing special offers to drive sales?

Then give your promotion a boost and advertise that deal on a large, bright digital display.

With so much competition for people’s attention in this digitised world, you need every advantage to capture glances. 

An OTX study revealed that a whopping 63 percent of people said digital signage caught their eye.

That means that over half of your visitors will see your screen. 

Install that display right by the till, showcase an enticing video with your special offer and you’re guaranteed to see an increase in sales. 

Harness the power of dynamic content

One of the many advantages of digital signage is that it’s dynamic.

With powerful multimedia display software, you can swap and change the content with just a few clicks.

The potential for driving sales with this feature is huge.

For example, depending on the time of the day, you can feature different products and menus.

On your most prominent screen with the most exposure, display your breakfast menu and offers in the morning.

Then in the afternoon, swap the media to feature the lunch menu.

Showcasing the right products or promotions at the right time will ensure that they’re given the best chance at landing front and centre in your customer’s minds… 

With just a few clicks you could see a massive uptick in sales. 

Be Social

Digital signage can be used to promote your social media channels.

84% of people with access to the internet use social media. 

And according to ReviewTrackers.com 72 percent of customers have used Facebook to choose their restaurant based on comments and images that have been shared by other users.

As a cafe or restaurant, establishing a social media presence has never been more important.

A digital display showcasing your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds can be used to drive engagement and increase followers for your channels. 

Encourage your customer’s inner foodie and offer them freebies if they share a photo of your food. 

More photos equal more shares and more customers.

Tell your story

Digital signage can be used to improve your cafe or restaurant’s branding.

Your brand is your story and your story is the foundation of the relationship with your customer. 

Where do your ingredients come from? How did your restaurant start? Who are the owners and what are their values? 

These are some of the questions customers ask when considering your eatery. 

The more they know about you the more comfortable they will feel.

With digital signage, you can showcase a video or slideshow which answer these types of questions. 

Use it to tell your brand’s story and express your unique personality to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Advertise other businesses

Create another revenue stream by advertising non-competing businesses. 

Using digital signage is a great way to generate additional income while still adding value to your visitors. 

As long as you make sure that the businesses or brands you are advertising are relevant to your target audience, visitor’s should have no issue with their ads.

Finding the balance is key, and the beauty of digital signage is that you aren’t limited to choosing to display either your ads or your client’s.

With digital signage software, set your display to showcase a healthy balanced rotation of your client’s ads and your ads throughout its runtime.

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Considering Digital Signage? These 8 Questions Will Help You Pull The Trigger

You’re busy, we get it. 

Like most business owners, you’re probably overwhelmed with problems and people demanding your attention at almost every moment.

With so much going on, it can be difficult to determine which idea on your wish-list deserves the highest priority. 

Now, if you run an on-site business then digital signage should be somewhere on that list. 

But the question is, when is it time to finally install digital displays?

To help you answer that, we’ve come up with eight questions which you can ask yourself.

Are you getting the same questions from customers, over and over?

If it seems like you’re customers are frequently asking the same questions, your existing methods of communicating (printed signs, announcements, social media etc) needs improvement.

Confident customers are more likely to purchase or use your services than an uninformed or worse, confused one. 

You don’t want anyone slipping through the cracks, so you need to make sure that whatever medium you’re using to deliver you messaging is working. 

If you’re noticing a trend of uninformed customers, then it’s time to bolster those communication methods.

Digital signage offers a cheap and effective way to solve this issue. 

Not only will they capture the attention of your visitors far better than printed ones, but studies have shown that people also recall the message a lot easier as well.

If you think your customer service or message needs improvement, then setting up your digital signage should be a top priority. 

Are you focused on growth or scaling your business?

If you are, digital signage offers a cost-effective way to achieve growth in almost every area of your business.

Whether you’re focusing on customer service, increasing sales revenue, foot traffic, brand awareness, or anything else, installing displays has proven to give great results.

And contrary to what most believe, it doesn’t cost much time or money to set up. 

All you need is a computer, an LED display and affordable display software

Whichever aspect of your business you’re looking to grow, digital signs can make a powerful impact relative to their low-cost. 

Are your customers complaining about wait times?

If your customers are showing impatience while waiting, that might be the last time you serve them.

Thankfully, digital signage has proven to be quite an effective solution.

While you might have done everything you can increase your service speed, digital signage can influence the perceived wait time of your customers.

In the healthcare industry, using digital displays to inform and entertain waiting patients has reduced perceived wait times by up to 33 percent.

That means that a 30 minute wait time is only 20 minutes. 

Installing a display set up in your waiting area is a simple and effective way to curb your customer’s frustrations and earn repeat business.

Does your message change often or randomly?

If you run a business that regularly changes the content of your signage, then digital signage can save you a lot of time and money.

Constantly replacing print signage is an expensive and time-consuming task.

Negotiating with print shops, buying ink, fixing printer issues, and even just placing the posters all takes time.

Digital signage eliminates all those tasks and allows you to change the content of your display with just a few clicks.

In most cases, the money saved will pay for the initial setup costs in no time at all. 

Using digital displays to communicate your message will afford you extra time and money to spend on more critical tasks like growing your business.

Are you focusing on improving your brand’s image?

Digital signage has been shown to improve brand awareness and recognition of on-site businesses.

With powerful display software, businesses can use multimedia such as videos and strong visuals to help communicate their values, philosophy, personality and story. 

One study showed that shoppers that were exposed to digital signage exhibited a 31 percent increase in brand awareness and recall.

Compared to other methods, digital displays are one of the most affordable and effective means of increasing brand awareness.

They will distinguish your company from the competition and establish a lasting impression on your customers.

Do you have time-sensitive content or messages?

Digital signage can be updated in real-time with just a few clicks. 

This gives you the power to change your signs to display relevant offers, promotions or information which are dependent on certain times.

For example; when an item is almost out of stock, the shop owner could change the content of a digital display to an image stressing urgency to increase sales. 

Or a bar could display their happy hour specials to encourage patrons to take advantage of the special offers.

With digital signage, you can swap and change content easily to ensure your message is being delivered at the most appropriate and effective times. 

Does your business rely on foot traffic?

Businesses which rely on foot traffic should seriously consider setting up digital displays ASAP or risk missing out. 

It’s no surprise that digital displays draw more attention from passersby and have more stopping power than print signage. 

With the power of video and vibrant, eye-catching LED screens, businesses can effectively showcase their top-selling products, services and promotions. 

One study showed that businesses which used digital displays to increase store traffic saw a boost of 33 percent in visits. 

With quality LED screens becoming cheaper year and affordable digital display software, installing screens at your store front is a no-brainer for any business reliant on foot traffic.

Are you looking to increase sales and promote new products or offers?

Digital signage installed at a strategic location can make a massive impact on sales.

Recent studies have shown that well-placed digital signs can increase the purchase amount by 30 percent and sales volume by 32 percent.

For example; placing a screen at the till can be used to drive upsells.  

With a ROI from as low as just three months, setting up digital displays as early as possible should be a high priority. 


Generally speaking, whatever area of your business you’re focusing on, digital signage can be a powerful tool to help achieve your goals. 

If you answered ‘yes’ to two or even just one of these questions, then it’s time to dive into the world of digital signage. 

The great thing about technology today is that you don’t need to be a tech-wizard or break the bank to start benefiting from this effective medium.

So take the plunge into digital signage today.

You’ll wish you started sooner! 

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5 Tested and Proven Ways Digital Signs Can Aid Your On-Site Business Today

No one cares for printed signs.

Sure, they can sometimes earn a glance or two.

But if you install a bright, vibrant digital display in the area, what happens?

All those printed signs quickly fade away––along with their message.

Capturing your customer’s attention with print has become incredibly difficult in today’s digitised world.

The average person looks at their phone over 1500 times a day and their attention span has dropped from 12 to just 8.25 seconds in the past decade.

Fortunately, digital signage offers an effective and affordable solution to this problem.

In this blog, I’m going to share with you five research-backed reasons why you need to start using digital displays to deliver your message.

It’s More Engaging

An OTX survey revealed that people actually pay a lot of attention to digital signage.

In fact, almost half of the 1700 people surveyed said that they ranked it above billboards, the Internet and even their mobile phones.

They found the displays to be unique (58%), interesting (53%) and entertaining (48%.)

But the most important takeaway was this:

A whopping 63% of people said digital displays caught their attention.

And that’s the most important factor.


It’s the most valuable resource in today’s economy.

Having a multimedia display to deliver your on-site message means that there’s a good chance over half of your visitors see it.

This is a powerful way to engage and communicate with customers.

It Increases Sales

A well-placed sign can make a massive impact on sales.

With seven in 10 customers purchasing a product or service because a sign caught their eye, digital signage at the till point is a perfect place to influence customer behaviour and drive upsells. (Digital Signage Today)

In fact, when Nielson research tracked 120 shops that used digital displays, they found that 80% of them gained a 33% boost in sales (compared to using print signs.)

If you’re not using digital signage, you could be leaving money on the table.

And if you’re worried about the initial investment, A University of Cincinnati study showed that LED signs offer an ROI within just 3 months.

So installing digital signage ASAP is a no-brainer for any business looking to increase revenue.

It Reduces Perceived Wait Time

Use digital signage to inform, educate and entertain your customers while they wait.

In the healthcare sector, savvy clinics using this method have reported a decreased perceived wait time by 33%.

That means a 30-minute wait feels like only 20-minutes.

With so much competition in business today, customers seek businesses that can give them what they want fast.

And as technology makes us more impatient, keeping up with demanding customers is an uphill struggle.

Digital signage can help make your service feel faster, resulting in more satisfied and potentially repeat customers.

It’s Easier to Recall

Digital displays make an impression.

It has a recall rate higher than any other form of traditional media with 83% of people recalling at least one ad seen on a digital billboard in the past 30 days. (Arbitron)

What’s even more compelling, is that over 55% of travellers who noticed a digital sign that past month could recall the specific message on that screen. (Neilson)

Think about how powerful that is…

Showcase your message on a digital display and more than half of those who see it will be able to recall it weeks later.

That’s the kind game-changing impact digital signs can have on your awareness campaigns.

It’s Dynamic

You can swap and change the media on your displays with just a few clicks.

With user-friendly software today, you can change your content and improve it quickly and continually.

A printed poster, on the other hand, costs a lot of time and money to produce.

Use a digital display and you can test new images, videos and essentially entire campaigns regularly––on the fly.

Some retailers use this control to advertise specific messages at different times of the day.

For example, a cafe can promote their breakfast deal during the early hours of the day and change the display to show their lunch offer in the afternoon.

All on the same, bright, eye-catching display in the most prominent location that gets the most reach.

The possibilities are endless.


These are just a handful of the benefits of using digital signage.

The industry is growing steadily and is expected to reach $31 billion by 2025, proving that others are realising its power.

Truthfully, the potential for digital signage in your business cannot be understated.

Have a think about how a digital display could improve your business.

Where would you install it and what would you display?

Post a comment and let us know.

Not Using Digital Signage Yet?

Contrary to what most believe, you don’t need to be a tech-wizard or break the bank to start benefiting from digital signage.

Our own software, Easy Multi Display, is the most affordable solution on the market. We’ve designed it to be so simple anyone can have their media displayed in just 3 easy steps.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of digital signage and take your business to the next level, give it a try. Download your FREE 30 day trial of Easy Multi Display and get started today or get in touch with us here.

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