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How Easy Multi Display Works

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Easy Multi Display makes it easy to showcase your multimedia on multiple displays.

With 1 Standard license, you can display up to 24 different sources of media at once, across 6 different displays. Talk to us about our enterprise solutions for limitless display options. 


Most of our competitors charge €30 per screen, per month. As a result, you pay over €360 per year just for one screen! Some of our competitors also ask you to purchase additional software at a cost of €1200 out of pocket. With Easy Multi Display, you pay only once.

Easy Multi DISPLAY


Use up to 6 displays for no extra cost.

No ongoing costs or monthly fees.

Use your own computer to run the software.

No internet required.

Cost increases with the number of displays.

Pay monthly subscription fees.

Purchase a 3rd party player to run the software.

A cloud based service that requires internet.

By choosing Easy Multi Display, you could save up to €250 per month, that's €3000 per year on your digital signage solution.

By choosing Easy Multi Display, you could save up to €250 per month, that's €3000 per year on your digital signage solution.


Launch websites, stream video, and display local videos, images and music.

Pay once for your Easy Multi Display licence and use it forever. 

Easy to use plug and play software. No complicated 3rd party equipment required.

We provide excellent support. Search our knowledge base, or ask us for private training.

Software runs on your local machine. No internet or complex cloud networks required.

With our enterprise license, you can even display and run other software programs!


Before we wrote our menus on slates. It was laborious and had less impact. With Easy Multi Display, we immediately capture the attention of our customers. 

Michael G

Brewery Manager, Brussels

EMD has a price that defies all competition! The price is very advantageous and there are no hidden fees. The EMD team is very responsive and attentive to all my needs.

Olivia V

Real Estate Manager, Louvain-la-Neuve

As the name suggests, EMD is easy to use. I do not know anything about computers. With EMD we have a well calibrated solution for our dental office.

Edouard K

Dentist, Brussels


Every month, Over 150 businesses are using our software to display their video, images, and website content to promote and advertise their business.

Espace Beaugrenelle
Rouen Opera
Naval Group
Canon Bretagne


We call it easy multi display because getting up and running with a
digital signage solution with us is easy.

Everything you need to get started...

  • A computer with a graphics card - capable of using multiple displays.
  • As many TV's as you require for your required display arrangement.
  • Easy Multi Display Software.
  • No hidden costs.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No complicated hardware.


one screen

One single license with no addons or upgrades.


excl. VAT*


  • 1 Software License
  • Display on 1 screen up to 4 unique media zones
  • Cloud Software Updates for 12 Months
  • Basic Local Network Access 2X PC (requires 2 licenses: PC Server and PC Player)

Not Included

  • Advanced Network Access
  • Video Wall
  • Planning Display
  • Online Training with Support
  • Customised Software Branding


Our complete software and services bundle.

Contact us for pricing.

Some of the services available for our enterprise customers:

  • Customised Software Branding
  • Advanced Network Access
  • Video Wall
  • Planning Display
  • Onsite Installation & Support
  • Access to remote technical support

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

*An additional yearly fee is only applicable if you sign up to our optional maintenance agreement. Click here to find out more. 


Easy to use Interface (V1.0.64 currently)

Our customer just love how simple it is to showcase their media with Easy Multi Display. The software interface guides you through the configuration process in a step by step process, asking you all the right questions along the way.

You don't need to be a tech guru to get up and running with Easy Multi Display.

Built in display wizard

- The Easy Multi Display wizard guides you through the setup process.  

Save multiple configurations

- Save multiple display configurations and load them with ease.


- Choice of language: English, French, Chinese & Spanish in progress ...

Need a little extra help? We offer online or on-site training and software support, please contact us!


How to broadcast on 6 screens with a control screen

You can display your media or urls on 6 screens with the Basic version of EASY MULTI DISPLAY and use a 7th control screen with only one PC (ideal for supermarkets, fast food outlets, shopping centres, etc.).

No need for an expensive specific player that only manages one or two screens and no need for a 3.0 cloud.

It's very simple with our software, just plug in your screens (hdmi, displayport, dvi, rj45, converter usb,etc.EMD works with all existing display outputs) then go to the software configuration settings by clicking on the little gear button at the very top and click No for "uses your desktop to display media". 

* 4 screens in 1920*1080, landscape mode with video folder.
* 2 screens in 1080*1920, portrait mode with several Urls scrolling automatically.
* 1 screen, your desktop to control your digital signage.

We could have split each screen and put multiple media or urls in them (max 4*6=24 areas). 🙂


Multiply your message across a network of displays

Reach larger audiences with a video display wall (4K, 8K, 16K)

Vertical Scrolling of WebSites (Delay, Speed, Zoom, Location X&Y, etc.)

All Social Networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram,TikTok, Pinterest, Viadeo, Tinder 😁, etc.)

Broadcast Live Streaming (Twitch, Youtube, Tv's Online, udp/rtp, http/ftp, mms, tcp/rtp, etc.)

Automatic update of your displays with Google Slides (Google Docs, Sheets, Powerpoint, Keynote, etc.)

Display your WebSites (Html5, PHP, WebGL,Wordpress, Joomla,Dropal, Blogspot, etc.)

Menu Board with Screen Cast in real time (mpeg, avi, asf/wmv/wma, mp4/mov/3gp, ogg/ogm/mkv, jpg/bmp/png/swf, etc.)

Maximize impact with multi-display Digital Signage

Deliver broadcast digital content from your Online Shop (Prestashop, Oscommerce, Magento, Opencart, etc.)

Create content zones that span one or more displays, Max 24 Zones on 6 Screens (4/Screen) with one PC

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