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Why choose an outdoor digital signage system?

You just heard about "outdoor digital signage" but you don't know exactly what it is? Or do you simply want to know more about this system that is increasingly used in all types of businesses?

Digital signage comes in many forms and we know that it can be difficult to understand each variation of the product. That's why today we've decided to talk to you in more detail about outdoor digital signage!

What is an outdoor digital signage?

A billboard also called "totem" (mostly LED) allows you to advertise outdoors, transmit information or promote municipal events, sports... 

As we said before, most of these totems use LED technology because it makes them brighter and more eye-catching to passers-by.

4 billboards with photographs exhibited at city street

Why use an outdoor digital signage system?

An outdoor signage system allows you to easily advertise your sign. Moreover, this system adapts to your needs, indeed, many sizes are available from 22 inches to 65 inches.

In addition, this system is protected against weather and vandalism, but if you are still afraid of that, you can still buy insurance!

With a system like this one, you are sure to put forward your sign and to stand out from the competition. In addition, you can directly create your marketing campaign. You will also be totally autonomous and you can modify your display according to your desires!

The price of an outdoor digital signage system?

The price of such a system varies depending on the machine and the size of the screen as most of these totems have an integrated computer. If you want a reasonable price range, you can count between 1000€ and 8000€ payable in one or several times.

It may seem a bit expensive but the economic benefits can also be enormous! You will gain a lot of visibility and could double your clientele.

If you want to know more

If you want to know more about digital signage in particular, you can check out our articles on the subject. "What is a digital signage display?" or "5 ways to improve the customer experience with digital signage software".

You can also visit the Digital Signage Today website which references many interesting articles on this topic.

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