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Why do we Offer 2 Different Browsers?

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Why do we Offer 2 Different Browsers? Some companies don't allow the installation of particular software on their network. In addition to that, some companies prefer Google Chrome and other prefer Firefox... that's why we decided to offer you the choice of different browsers for the display of your websites. You can select these in the configuration section of Easy Multi Display, if you have any problem you can download our new User Guide that will help you a lot.

We also choose these two browsers because there are very often updated and are one of most stable browsers on the market. To know more about Google Chrome, clic on this link If you want to know more about Firefox, clic on this link

Google Chrome

Chrome (Cesharp)

Chrome is one of the most powerful browsers but requires the installation of certain files in the system.

Firefox (Geko)

Firefox doesn't require installation of specific files in the system and allows Easy Multi Display to operate from a USB key without any prior installation of the EMD software.

Why do we offer 2 different browsers?

You can try out the website ( With this website, you will be able to check the strengths and weak points of each browsers.

Chrome is given 528 points out of 555.
Firefox is given 481 points out of 555.

For example, companies such as
AIRBUS (aeronautics) or THALES (army) do not allow any installation of software on their ultra-secure network, unlike a local restaurant so this is why we actually use 2 different video players in Easy Multi Display.


Some options in Easy Multi Display work only with Google Chome and other with Firefox. So if you encounter a problem with one browser, feel free to use the second one.

For example Chrome does not play Linkedin videos (mp4), Firefox can, etc.

Finally, if you have other restrictions, feel free to contact us in order to receive some help to get the most out of Easy Multi Display. We will help you as soon as possible!

Do you still have problems?

If you still have questions or problems with your display or your setting, don’t hesitate to visit our F.A.Q, download our user guide or contact our customer service at We will be happy to help you and we would be delighted to hear your opinion!

Download our software

If you are interested in our Easy Multi Display software, click here to download our trial version.

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