Why do we Offer 2 Different Browsers?

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Some companies don't allow the installation of particular software on their network, some organisations prefer Firefox, and others prefer Chrome... that's why we offer you the choice of different browsers for the display of your websites. (You can select these in the configuration section of EMD).


Chrome is one of the most powerful browsers but requires the installation (dependencies) of certain files in the system, in order to function.


Firefox doesn't require installation (no dependency) of specific files in the system and allows EMD to operate from a USB key without any prior installation of the EMD software.

There is a website (https://html5test.com/) which allows you to review the shortcomings and strengths of each browser. According to this website:

Chrome is given 528 points out of 555.
Firefox is given 481 points out of 555.

For example, companies such as AIRBUS (aeronautics) or THALES (army) do not allow any installation of software on their ultra-secure network, unlike a local restaurant.

It is for this same reasons that 2 different video players are also on offer in EMD.

Contact us directly for more information on how to install EMD in a way that best suits your network restrictions.

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