What is the Maintenance Agreement Fee?

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What is Software Maintenance Agreement?

A software maintenance agreement is a common agreement found in the software industry. It is an agreement between the customer and a software company that ensures continued use of the software on both ends. This means that the software provider is agreeing to maintain and update the software so that it continues to operate effectively and that it is up to date with technological advances and security concerns. As the customer you sign a maintenance agreement to ensure that you get access to those updates as soon as they're released. 

For example, just as your car needs a service every year, perhaps an oil change or a tire alignment. Software also needs similar fixes to ensure optimal performance, because the world of technology changes rapidly. 

What is EMD's Maintenance Agreement

We offer every customer the opportunity to invest in the maintenance agreement for Easy Multi Display. If you choose to opt in, you will be charged a flat rate fee of 20% of the software cost, on an annual basis. 

Opting in gives you a few added advantages:

  • Rest assured that as technology advances, so too does EMD Software. 
  • When other customers request customizations to EMD, you too will get access to these added features, such as new data type connectors. 

What if I Don't Sign the Maintenance Agreement?

No problem! You can continue using Easy Multi Display and it your current version will continue working as is. However, you won't get access to additional features that may be developed or added to the software throughout the year. Such features might be the ability to use different kinds of data sources for your displays. 

To get access to these features you will need to pay the software upgrade fee which may be more than the 20% of maintenance you would have paid throughout the year. 

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