How to Display Your Social Networks on Multiple Screens

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​For exemple, it's child's play to scroll through his instagram feed.

In this video I use 2 screens in portrait mode (1080*1920) with 2 zones per screen and 2 Instagramers ​by area (8 instagram feeds in the video).

The difference with the other videos is that I've indicated a height of 4500 pixels per feed ("Indicate Height" function) so they all stop and start at the same time.

Previously I used the "Bottom Site" function which scrolls through the entire feed. You can either change the URL after a defined time (every 2 mn for example) or change the URL at the end of the automatic vertical scrolling.

It works with all social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Viadeo, etc.), all websites, all online stores like prestashop, joomla, wordpress, blogspot, etc., all e-commerce platforms Ebay, Amazon, Leboncoin, Airbnb, and all real estate sites.

PS: It's the video that jerks (the high-resolution screenshot 2160*1920...), Not the scrolling that's perfectly fluid. 

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