How to Broadcast on 6 Screens with a Control Screen

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​You can display your media or urls on 6 screens with the Basic version of EASY MULTI DISPLAY (Enterprise version up to 9 for screen wall + 1 control ) and use a 7th control screen with only one PC (ideal for supermarkets, fast food outlets, shopping centres, etc.). No need for an expensive specific player that only manages one or two screens and no need for a 3.0 cloud.

​It's very simple with our software, just plug in your screens (hdmi, displayport, dvi, rj45, converter usb,etc. ​EMD works with all existing display outputs) then go to the software configuration settings by clicking on the little gear button at the very top and click No for "uses your desktop to display media". 

* 4 screens in 1920*1080, landscape mode with video folder.
2 screens in 1080*1920, portrait mode with several Urls scrolling automatically.
* 1 screen, your desktop to control your digital signage.

​We could have split each screen and put multiple media or urls in them (max 4*6=24 areas). 🙂

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