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What is the Maintenance Agreement Fee?

A software maintenance agreement is a common agreement found in the software industry. It is an agreement between the customer and a software company that ensures continued use of the software on both ends.
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Why do we Offer 2 Different Browsers?

Some companies don't allow the installation of particular software on their network, some organisations prefer Firefox, and others prefer Chrome... that's why we offer you the choice of different browsers for the display of your websites.
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Can I use a Laptop?

Maybe. It depends on how many TV Displays you want to use. Most laptops only have enough display adapters (physical connection points) for 1 Display. However, if this is all you need, then a laptop running Windows 10 will work fine.
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What Graphics Card Do I Need?

You may use any graphics card that you wish, however it must be capable of supporting the number of displays you intend to connect. Easy Multi Display will support up to 6 unique Displays.
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What Kind of TV Can I Use With EMD?

Having the right screens is crucial to the effectiveness of your display! We've put our heads together and come up with some questions to ask yourself before choosing your display screens.
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