The Hidden Costs Digital Signage Vendors Aren’t Advertising

Taking the plunge into digital signage is an exciting venture for any on-site business eager to enjoy its many benefits. But with hundreds of companies to pick from and so many factors to consider, it can be a daunting task, as choosing the wrong solution will cost you dearly in the long run.   To make[…]

Reduce Your Clinic’s Perceived Wait Times Using These 6 Engaging Digital Signage Content Ideas

Everybody hates sitting in waiting rooms, they’re uncomfortable and awkward.  Fortunately, when used correctly, digital signs offer a fantastic way to improve the waiting experience.  By showcasing tailored content, they have shown to reduce perceived wait times by up to 33 per cent.  But what type of content should be displayed? In this blog, we’ll[…]

The Top 12 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards: Explained

Image: Digital Signage Today Infographic Digital menu boards are becoming a growing trend in the restaurant community––especially for quick service and fast-casual food operators.  They offer massive, game-changing benefits and are getting more affordable every year.  In April 2012, a survey asked restaurants using digital menu boards to rank 12 benefits they experienced after installing[…]

6 Ways You Can Use Digital Displays To Grow Your Cafe Or Restaurant

Looking to grow your cafe or restaurant business? Digital signage has become more accessible with the drop in LED screen prices and affordable display software. Now, any small business owner can reap the many benefits digital signage can offer.  In this blog, we’re going to outline six ways digital displays can help your cafe or[…]

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