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Technical Founder

Montjoie ! Saint Denis ! "Que trépasse si je faiblis !"
- Godefroy dit Le Hardi -

Patrice is the technical founder of Easy Multi Display. He is French, 45 year old self-proclaimed geek who is fascinated by technology. Here he is riding the last innovative electric bike Cowboy in Bruxelles.

Patrice is a brave entrepreneur and has been designing the software Vitrine Multimedia for over 15 years. Some of his clients include Airbus, Unicef, Visa, Canon.

A few weekends each year, Patrice takes time out of his usual schedule to perform as a Video Jockey.

Business Leader

Guy is the business leader for Easy Multi Display. Guy who is 44 years old, is a risk taker, with both French and Vietnamese origin. Guy considers his 2 children to be his life's nicest adventure! This is Guy and his daughter Iris at the Brussels showroom.

After 5 years working as an IT project manager for Carrefour, he has been working as an Entrepreneur for over 15 years. Guy is an easy going person who likes to communicate and build solid relationships. Guy and Patrice met, when Guy was looking for a digital signage software for his digital War Room. It was friendship at first sight. 

Although Guy sometimes sees life as complicated, after a contract with special forces, he loves the motto...

-    Who dares wins.    -

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