The Hidden Costs Digital Signage Vendors Aren’t Advertising

Table of Contents Hidden Cost #1: The CloudHidden Cost #2: Additional Hardware RequirementsHidden Cost #3: Requiring an Internet Connection Final Thoughts…Set up digital screens today with a FREE 30-day trial of Easy Multi Display Taking the plunge into digital signage is an exciting venture for any on-site business eager to enjoy its many benefits. But it’s[…]

Digital Signage Content Ideas to reduce clinic’s perceived wait time

Table of Contents Updates on operational changes and newsPromote your services and productsPromote referral programs and other businessesReinforce your brand’s uniqueness and share your storyProvide tailored entertainmentProvide Info Related to Current Events such as PSA or trending topicsConclusionSet up digital screens in your lobby today with a FREE 30 day trial of Easy Multi Display[…]

The top 12 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards Explained

Table of Contents 1. Centralized control of menu board content 67.9%2. Better pricing flexibility 49.1%3. Lower costs to make menu changes 49.1%4. Increased customer satisfaction 47.2%5. Increased sales of promotional items 37.7%6. Improved operational efficiency 37.7%7. Better compliance with labelling laws 22.6%8. Higher check averages 20.8%9. Increased sales of high margin items 18.9%10. Improved order[…]

How to use Digital Displays to grow your cafe or restaurant?

Table of Contents Entice Customers with appetizing imagery Highlight special offersHarness the power of dynamic contentBe SocialTell your storyAdvertise other businessesGet Started today with a FREE 30 trial of Easy Multi Display How to use Digital Displays to grow your cafe or restaurant ? Digital signage has become more accessible with the drop in LED screen[…]

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